Cannabis is being taken down


Britain has legalized cannabis. But now, a young mother is asking for the law to be changed since her son died after taking the drug. Matthew White, 18, was a promising A-level student, but he started smoking. A boy who used to be the head of his school, he switched from cannabis to LSD to meditate. He was found hanged. All of this leads to the age-old debate about whether or not drugs are best legalized. One school thinks it will lead to more crime, more death, and more grief.


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Cannabis has been moved from a Class B drug to a Class C drug. The result of this, controversially, means that anyone caught with the drug is often released with a warning. Now Matthew’s mother is wondering why it was treated like a soft drug when something like her son’s death could easily make anyone take it. He was right – even though he might be considered a poor witness. His conviction was unquestionable. Cannabis has been linked to other side effects such as long-term psychosis and poor mental health. Matthew’s mother felt she had nowhere to turn for help. The National Drug Helpline and the police cannot do anything. Unfortunately, cannabis users also meet other drug users. It doesn’t take long, often, before these normal social interactions turn into drug use.

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